“Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, ‘Because it is there.’ Well, space is there, and we’re going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.”

– John F. Kennedy, speech at Rice University, 1962


Token Agency’s founder, Rob Behnke learned about blockchain in 2013, and became enamored with its potential to positively disrupt and embolden the next generation. He was joined by a crew of similarly curious and emboldened entrepreneurs, engineers, and idealists who all hope to help those working in blockchain reach the brightest stars in the universe. At the Token Agency, we believe that empathy and technology should work hand-in-hand. We believe that blockchain is one of hundreds of new technological advances in civilization that will enable transparency and freedom in the coming decades, and that there is strength in our ever growing numbers.

You’ve already built the foundation. Let our platform help you rocket past the known, and create the gravitational force which will pull your stars together into a new galaxy.

Meet Our Team

Token Agency - Rob Behnke - Founder & President

Rob Behnke

Founder & President


A 5-year cryptocurrency trader, token sale growth hacker and serial entrepreneur living in San Francisco. His numerous startups have been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch and NY Times including The Brooklyn Salsa Company and Micswap iOS app.

Token Agency - Dan Ragan - VP Digital

Dan Ragan

VP Digital


Dan is an entrepreneur, media innovator, and interactive technology enthusiast. His past work includes co-founding the live-streaming agency, Applause, and managing campaigns for global brands including Jaguar, Warner Bros, Sony, IKEA, and P&G.

Token Agency - Matthew Waldman - Executive Creative Director

Matthew Waldman

Executive Creative Director


Internationally respected designer and brand strategist. Before NOOKA, where he designed accessories and watches that reinvented how time was told, Matthew built an award winning global team at Reuters.

TokenAgency - Jacob Griscom - Business Development Manager

Jacob Griscom

Business Development Manager


Inspired crypto enthusiast connecting business, health, sustainability, and consciousness. Jacob has started and supported diverse projects including BetterWorld Telecom, Sacramento Sustainability Forum, and Everyday Ayurveda.

Token Agency - Chantelle Buffie - Project Manager, Content

Chantelle Buffie

Account Manager


Chantelle is a senior project manager and startup buff curious about blockchain, real estate, and e-commerce. Her expertise is in remotely supporting cross-functional teams and distributed companies in client-facing roles at the intersection of project management, product development, and digital marketing. She focuses on delivering technology and marketing experiences using agile methodologies.

Token Agency - Andrew Boot - Account Manager

Andrew Boot

Account Manager


Co-founded Cointemporary – the first Bitcoin gallery. Facilitated the first digital artwork acquisition to a museum with Bitcoin as a unit of account, with provenance issued over the blockchain (via Ascribe). Head of Operations, Europe for Sapien. Assisted Sapien raising $11M in the first two hours of pre-sale. Studied Communication Design and Fine Arts. Blockchain enthusiast excited about assisting clients achieve stellar results.

TokenAgency - Andy Spedick - Project Manager, Strategy & Analytics

Andy Spedick

Business Development Manager


As a statistician with strong background in Actuarial Sciences, Andy has developed extensive experience leveraging large data sets and developing techniques for predictive analysis. Using modeling and his experience investing in crypto since 2014, he is responsible for crafting unique, cutting-edge strategies for growing as a company in this nascent and evolving space.

Mhyla Mae Uy

Project Manager, Content


Mhyla is a social media strategist, fascinated by how the blockchain technology is changing the world as we know it. Her expertise is about understanding the market and creating inbound strategies to boost engagement. She specializes in content creation and optimization to captivate each type of audience in the crypto world.

Karina Martins

Project Manager, Events


Karina is an operations manager with a focus on finance and administrative development. She has led organizations in industries ranging from theater to real estate, implementing efficient systems and structures for long-term growth. Her background is in producing and curating events for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Jeff Keiser Siason

Project Manager, Operations


Jeff is a digital media professional who’s worked for leading marketing agencies in the United States and in Dubai. He helps to ensure unity and success in cross-functional projects, and is forever interested in tech developments including blockchain as “the new internet”.

Token Agency - Leonard Jackson - Project Manager, Bounty Programs

Leonard Jackson

Project Manager, Bounty Programs


Leonard has been involved in support and community moderation functions for the last five years, and has been part of the general cryptospace since 2014. Bitcointalk fanatic, blockchain enthusiast, bounty manager and liker of turtles.

Token Agency - Ruona Sargin - Community Manager

Ruona Sargin

Community Manager


Ruona is a business support specialist and an expert in administration, technical support, real estate management, customer support, web research and social media management. He is a huge fan of cryptocurrencies and has been involved with ICO launches, bounty management, PR and community management.

Token Agency - Jameel Bsata - Community Manager

Jameel Bsata

Community Manager


Jam is an entrepreneur, experienced cryptocurrency trader and networker. He recognizes and develops fruitful business opportunities – and knows how to connect the right people to each other. Jam is also an experienced community manager and certified troll slayer ~ with many notches on his blade to show for it.

Kimberly Kate Dela Chica

Community Manager


Kym is a crypto version of a ‘Jill of all Trades’. An entrepreneur, rockstar VA, web researcher, accomplished HR and administration specialist. Digging deep into the crypto world since 2016 she has managed ICO social media channels and has a wealth of experience in complex community management.

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